12, Zdraviliški trg, 3250, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
Strossmayer Hotel
12, Zdraviliški trg, Rogaška Slatina, 3250, Slovenia


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The Habsburg Dynasty knew how to enjoy life and a part of this philosophy has stayed imprinted in both hotels. Their more than a century and a half long history is full of famous names and legends. I feel as if I were performing in a nostalgic movie when I walk down the corridor to my room. The playful sun is drawing patterns on the bed, while silence is softly embracing me. I lazily turn away from my book and gaze into the distance. Renovated hotels that fascinate by the combination of nostalgia and the modern. Rooms and apartments breathe in fresh colours, everything serves the sole purpose of you being able to relax. When exploring the surroundings, you can decide to get pampered in a wellness, undertake sports activities or find a quiet place for reading and a nice conversation. Tasty food and tailored menus are of course a part of the offer.
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Destination Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
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4 star