Become an owner of your property on ThermeSpa!

On ThermeSpa website you can register as property manager and claim existing properties as your own for editing and adding new information.

If your property is not yet listed you can register as property manager to add your properties.

Once you register as property manager we will review your submission and if all data is correct we will grant you access to client area of our site.

With client access you can edit existing properties and add extra information to it. You need valid subscription for extra information to be visible to site users.

Extra information includes:

  • sales boosters such as direct enquiries, website link, booking link and phone number,
  • youtube videos,
  • thermal water indications,
  • Facebook page plugin and Tripadvisor widgets,
  • links to your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin).

To claim your properties fill all required fields in form bellow. If you want to find out if your property is listed just select property you wish to claim from "Choose you property" field. If your property isn't yet listed leave this field blank and tell us about it in message.

Please note that we will only accept claims from official company emails. After submission we will contact you ASAP!

You may select not more than 10 options.