1, Mag. Klaus Schneeberger Straße, Bad Erlach, 2822, Bad Erlach, Austria
Therme Linsberg
Therme Linsberg
1, Mag. Klaus Schneeberger Straße, Bad Erlach, Bad Erlach, Niederösterreich, 2822, Austria


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A desire to feel well. To experience tranquility and harmony. The more hectic our everyday lives become, the more we turn to cultures and philosophies which are refreshingly different from the familiar hustle and bustle. This search has given us a better understanding of the Far East. It has literally touched us to our own advantage. Be it philosophy, medicine, nutrition, or courteous yet unintrusive hospitality: body and mind have a lot to gain by drawing inspiration from oriental views. Linsberg Asia is wholly committed to this inspiration. From its architecture to our friendly staff - oriental standards have been applied everywhere. The discovery of a thermal water vein started the creation of the Linsberg Asia. The water vein now feeds the new meaning of an old, natural place.
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Destination Spa, Mineral Springs Spa, Resort/Hotel Spa
Business, Couples, Seniors, Single
Dream of Asia. Wake up with a good feeling. Every detail is just right. A well-selected mixture of Asian and European influences marks the design of the Linsberg Asia Hotel & Spa. It is the perfect,...
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